Some nice words from our clients. The funds are strictly designed to help single-family homeowners retrofit their residences for safety purposes.
Joe and Janet Locurt Verified by

To anyone considering a Realtor, we recommend Stephen Lincoln. Stephen worked for our best interest and
maintained a very good working relationship with all parties involved in the selling transaction and he did so in
a professional and timely manner! We contacted Stephen to help us sell our home in Carson City after my wife
accepted a new position in Salt Lake City, Utah. I had previously met Stephen at a local chamber of commerce
function. He promptly came to the home to assess any noticeable repairs that would be needed, and he gave
us some advice as to how we could make it look inviting and comfortable. Stephen showed the home on his
web site to its very best advantage, an approach that generated much attention. Stephen's advice was to make
sure that we could list it at an amount comparable with the current market. He spent much time with us at our
dining room table going over the property report he generated. We took his advice and were surprised to
receive some calls, and even some lookers, very quickly. In just a couple of weeks, we had an offer on the
house for the full asking price. During the bargaining process, Stephen gave us every scenario of what could
happen, and he kept us totally informed of any correspondence between him and the buyer’s realtor. We
successfully sold the house with Stephen's help, and with no bumps along the way. From the beginning to the
end, it was always a pleasure to contact his office with questions, make decisions, or to share updates on other
matters. He has a way of making you feel comfortable and as if you've known him for years. He's a very
personable and dependable person, and most important, he's very honest. We only wish he was here in Utah
to help with our next home purchase! If you need a Realtor, you can't get any better than Stephen Lincoln. Joe
and Janet Locurto

Deborah Gebel Verified by

If you are looking for a good realtor I recommend Steve. He knows the realty business and works on
your behalf in every aspect. Thank you, Steve, for a great job.

Katie Wake

My husband and I worked with Stephen Lincoln to buy a land lot in Stagecoach. We loved working
with him and would again. Stephen had great communication and was easy to work with. He went
above and beyond driving from Carson to Yerington to check the history on our property to make sure
we knew everything we needed to before closing. I would recommend Stephen to whoever is needing
a realtor, he really knows his stuff.

Bruce Boles ( Bruce Boles (

I met Stephen Lincoln while I was serving as Crew for a ReMax Event that featured the ReMax Hot Air
Balloon to which Stephen was the Primary sponsor. Of course, since I would soon be a home buyer in
the Carson/Dayton area I spoke with Stephen and provide him a basic lay out of what I was looking for
and the time period when I planned to purchase, and of course financing options and Credit Scores.
Stephen took the time to put me in touch with a very reputable Financing Consultant who help plan and
prepare for Pre-Approval, and then guided me through escrow, financing and closing. On many
occasions we met and discussed the types of properties and homes I would be seeking; more than an
Acre, Less than Ten. It took some time and many false starts, but our patients paid off. Stephen
approached me and asked how I felt about Bare Land? I replied is there a house attached
somewhere? He provided the address and I viewed the property. In the end Stephen Lincoln was able
to guide me through the Real Estate Jungle to a purchase of not only the property to which he had first
indicated, but also the house and lot next door to the property he first showed me. His skills and
abilities to work with me and the land owners to come to a fair and equable deal for all parties’ concern.

J Kyle Horvath (Zillow Review)

Stephen Lincoln was very helpful in finding me a home to buy. The process was not easy thanks to
the banks, but he was patient and worked with my best interest in mind. I was not the biggest client,
but he made me feel like my business was appreciated. I would recommend Stephen to anyone
looking to buy or sell a home.

John Terveer (Google Review)

As a mortgage lender, I work with Realtors throughout Nevada and California. Stephen stands out as
one of the few Realtors who knows what he is doing and knows what everyone else’s roles are in a
transaction. He is very knowledgeable about the market. He is an excellent Realtor!

Mia S. (YELP Review)

Stephen Lincoln is a great choice for a realtor if you are looking to sell or buy a home in Carson City,
Minden, Gardnerville, or Dayton. He is knowledgeable and will take the time to help you through the
home selling or buying process. His website has some great tips to help you make the transition
easier from selling one home to buying the next.

Jeff G. Carson City

Stephen is an outstanding agent of RE/Max who is experienced and professional in the field of real
estate setting a high standard to service his clients.

Hap and Tanys

Tan and I wish you and yours a very happy new year. We have not seen you for some time and we
both hope that you are well. We love our home and are very pleased that we had it built at the
property that you found for us. I can also tell you that Peter Zemp is a fine builder and that we are
happy that we chose him. Also, Scott Leftwich is still managing our property here in Carson City and
he is a great guy. He has become a good friend.

Cynthia Trainer

Our biggest issue was getting her house sold and I was so glad we found you to assist us with
that! Being out of state made it so much more difficult and you were always available to help out with
little things. Of course, I will recommend you to family and friends who may be buying or selling in
your area. And we may be repeat customers when we retire and move to Northern Nevada – but that
won't be for a few more years.