Curtis DuMonte

I have been through three real estate transactions with Stephen. In my first experience with his services
he was the selling agent of my second home purchase. I was so impressed with his
knowledge, professionalism, and performance that four years later I enlisted his services for the sale
of our home and the purchase of a new home. In today's market buying and selling can be a complex,
lengthy process. With all the new financing regulations and inspections, there are many things that
can hold up a sale. Again, Stephen outperformed any agent I have ever dealt with. I followed his
suggestions for preparing my home for sale and for our asking price. Needless to say, we had two full-price offers the same day I listed. All of our inspections passed, and the sale was a success. Then
two weeks later we found our new home and we had a whole new list of challenges to get the deal to
close. Again, we followed Stephens’s suggestions and let him work his magic and what seemed to be
an impossible sale closed within a month. We actually were able to move from our old house that he
sold to our new house with the deal he put together. I would highly recommend anyone considering
taking on a purchase or a sale to enlist Stephen Lincoln's services. He will exceed your expectations.