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I met Stephen Lincoln while I was serving as Crew for a ReMax Event that featured the ReMax Hot Air
Balloon to which Stephen was the Primary sponsor. Of course, since I would soon be a home buyer in
the Carson/Dayton area I spoke with Stephen and provide him a basic lay out of what I was looking for
and the time period when I planned to purchase, and of course financing options and Credit Scores.
Stephen took the time to put me in touch with a very reputable Financing Consultant who help plan and
prepare for Pre-Approval, and then guided me through escrow, financing and closing. On many
occasions we met and discussed the types of properties and homes I would be seeking; more than an
Acre, Less than Ten. It took some time and many false starts, but our patients paid off. Stephen
approached me and asked how I felt about Bare Land? I replied is there a house attached
somewhere? He provided the address and I viewed the property. In the end Stephen Lincoln was able
to guide me through the Real Estate Jungle to a purchase of not only the property to which he had first
indicated, but also the house and lot next door to the property he first showed me. His skills and
abilities to work with me and the land owners to come to a fair and equable deal for all parties’ concern.